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Upcoming Holiday Events Scheduled

Upcoming Holiday Events Scheduled

Photography by Stephen Dennstedt: http://www.IndochinePhotography.com

For the rest of September and into October several events are popping up.

Coming up for the beginning of October,  Lizard Joe’s will host a great band returning from the 2012 Yucatan Arts and Entertainment Festival. The reggae musician was born in Nigeria and has traveled with his unique mix of jungle and ocean music across the Yucatan Peninsula. Currently living in Tulum, Quintana Roo, Roots and Wisdom makes it to Merida every chance he gets. He prefers playing on the beach and will be showcased in none other than Chelem’s Lizard Joes.

Operating out of a great location on the peaceful, white-sand shoreline of Mexico’s Gulf Coast, the Authentic Texas BBQ house can be found grilling up a brisket most weekends. One does not have to tell a Texan all the work that goes into preparing a brisket! The event is set to take place October 6th. They do have some interesting rules though:

“18 years and over only
Advance Ticket Sales only
Tickets are $ 150 MXP for sale in Lizard Joes every Friday 18:00
to 22:00 or call to arrange purchase 999-1-81-87-56
From Merida, turn right at the second street passes Chelem municipal building to the beach. Turn left on the road from the beach and look for the yellow wall,” 
quotes the event’s contact page.

Babe, the bartender at Lizard Joe’s

Obviously because Lizard Joes is being responsible and saying no to underage drinking, tickets will only be sold in advance and by calling. For non-locals, a telephone call will answer any question or directions. Cynthia and Paul of course speak excellent English, a couple transplanted to Yucatan from Texas. Babe, the bartender will be more than happy to save a spot at the bar.

Also coming up much sooner, is the opening of a new shop on 41 and 60 near Santa Lucia in Downtown. The proud new owners, Allison Nevins and Julie Beinke are having their Grand Opening on September 17thwith doors opening at 10:00 am. El Estudio is a unique blend of glassware and pottery items from all parts of Mexico. The event will be sure to delight the senses with great appetizers and interesting company.


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