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Tourist Atlas of Mexico Presented

Tourist Atlas of Mexico Presented on Internet MEXICO CITY


–Authorities presented the Tourist Atlas of Mexico, an Internet Web page discussing the country’s 85 main tourist destinations, 13,617 hotels, almost 200,000 restaurants, more than 5,000 travel agencies and other support services for the tourist industry.

Within the framework of the Tianguis 2012 tourism fair in Puerto Vallarta, Tourism Secretary Gloria Guevara said that the interactive atlas provides a wealth of information about tourist destinations on the national level, with maps, photos and information about the main attractions.

The atlas discusses Mexico’s 31 World Heritage Sites, 117 museums, 184 archaeological sites, 70 airports and 106 bus terminals, as well as metro stations and Angeles Verdes auxiliary service routes.

The atlas also contains sections on the Magic Peoples Program, the Routes of Mexico, the sites included in the Treasures of Mexico Program and the route of the Mayan World Program, among others.

“Any national or international tourist is going to be able to enter (the Web site) and identify where the Magic Peoples in our country are, the Routes of Mexico, the Treasures Program that has had so much success,” Guevara said. The official said that the atlas is a tool that will help visitors plan their travels to every corner of the country. Guevara added that, in a second phase, Mexican authorities plan to join efforts with Google to include maps of all the sites of interest.


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  1. As there is so much to see and do in Mexico there directory will need quite a few pages, sounds like a very useful project.

    March 30, 2012 at 6:21 am

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