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1st Annual Mexican Wine Festival Riviera Maya, 40 Minutes North of Tulum

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1st Annual Mexican Wine Festival in the Riviera Maya, 40 Minutes North of Tulum, March 9th – 12th 2011

Tulum Riviera maya Wine Festival

Todo se encuentra listo para que del 9 al 12 de marzo se realice el Primer Festival del Vino Mexicano en la Riviera Maya que reunirá a más de 40 expertos y las principales casas productoras del país para promover el conocimiento, la degustación y la valoración de la industria vitivinícola nacional a través de una serie de conferencias, talleres, mesas redondas y sesiones de cata a la que se espera la asistencia de unas 3 mil personas.

More than 80 wine labels, expert presentations, tastings and pairings will be presented at exclusive hotels and restaurants in Can Cun-Tulum corridor.Expected to be an event of great impact in the country since the presentation was attended by over 1000 people and different wine house St. Thomas, Monte Xanic, Casa Pedro Domecq and Casa Madero who offered a tasting of more than 20 labels of their best wines accompanied by an excellent combination of sandwiches offered by La Cava de Xcaret, were the delight of those present.

During the festival, homes wine available to the audience about 80 different labels of their wines with a series of conferences, lectures, tastings and pairings designed and conducted by the winemakers and wine houses and Hugo Acosta Laura Zamora to name a few.The restaurants “ambassadors” who are members of the festival, will house the home of wine and food pairing with chefs made exclusive but open to all at affordable prices for the entire community, “said Menu exclusively for Mr. Francis Brown CEO Xcaret Park.

Martin Ruiz Cuevas vice president of the Hotel Association of the Riviera Maya said “it is important that the Mexican wine staying in our hotels and restaurants to be part of the culture and thus support the home production of wine in Mexico. This will be done in parallel in the 163 hotels that are grouped together in our partnership and integrate this effort with training, with knowledge and commercial link with the houses that we visit today, wine is a new culture and have to support it. ”
This type of event is important for Mexico after oil since the second income is tourism and this is part of the cuisine.

Riviera Maya Wine Festival near TulumOn the other hand, he representatives of the various wine houses commented that a festival like this can help raise different problems: “One of the things we face is malinchismo unfortunately when we do promotion, in restaurants, Mexican wine, prefer in his letters Chilean wines, French, Argentine and not looking for a domestic wine. What we’re trying to do is to have a menu of Mexican wine in restaurants in this country, “said marketing director Claudia Bernal St. Thomas home. The idea of such events is to bring the wine to people and try to demystify it as issues related to prices, because even though prices are low or high, there is a very good relationship between price and quality.

Source: http://www.American-Development.com


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