Tankah, another Riviera Maya Real Estate Paradise

Tulum Secrets of the Mayan Underworld: End of the Journey at Manatee Cenote in Tankah

Tulum Real Estate Information

Tulum Secrets of the Mayan Underworld: End of the Journey at Manatee Cenote in Tankah

Casa Cenote /Cenote Manatee:

Cenote Casa or Canote Manatee near Tulum Mexico Located 20 miles south of Puerto Aventuras, and just north of Tulum, there is Cenote Manatee often referred to as Casa Cenote. The cenote is located in a residential area called Tankha. There are signs for Casa Cenote on the highway that will direct you to the left hand turn off. Once you drive through the residential area of Tankha you will come upon an open lagoon on your left (Casa Cenote). Entrance to the Cenote is free, but if you want to park in the lot directly across from it there is a small fee. There is a great restaurant on the beach side which has great BBQ on Sundays. Right off the beach from the restaurant is great snorkeling with huge parrot fish, and massive schools of a variety of different fish.

The Cenote is a large open lagoon that has a strong current. If you swim up the canal a bit you can float down as you snorkel and check out the freshwater fish and deep waters below. This cenote is used frequently by cave dive instructors to do skill drills and training. The freashwater flows under the road and when on the beach side you can experience the freshwater bubbling up into the sea which makes for fun currents, and a great variety of fish.


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